does the ocean inspire, easy rider?
hiya! my name's mae and i'm a 16-year old infp who loves to watch movies, listen to music, and occasionally rant about politics and feminism.
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guys i just really want to share this with you


if you are looking for any music that you’d like just type a name of a band or a musican on the top-right search. then click on the black circle and choose “expand”. viola! now, you can continue doing this and find lots of music artists in your taste. thank you for the attention, and i hope you’ll find this post useful. 


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Destroy the idea that (as Jennifer Lawrence pointed out) you have to send your significant other nude photos to keep their attention, otherwise they will go to other sources.

Destroy the idea that it is either porn, or you.

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destroy the idea that biological families are more valid than other forms of family. destroy the idea that your parents/sibilings/extended relatives have an inherent right to be a part of your life if you dont want them to be

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every disney/dreamworks/20th/animation songs: Hercules » I Won’t Say I’m In Love

If there’s a price fo rotten judgement; I guess I’ve already won that. My head is screaming, “Get a grip girl!” Unless you’re dying to cry your heart out.

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this is the cutest fucking thing ever 

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when straight people talk to gays

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Sokka + Art

Requested by jadefyre

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"Just kiss like normal people kiss"
I love them so so much

Just thought I’d bring this back because there will never be a moment when this wasn’t the most perfect thing to happen to television

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